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At Winthrop, we work hard to help our clients succeed — making us the nation’s premier technology finance company.

Our team members have the experience, resources and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ unique technology needs and customize financial solutions to align with business objectives.

Founded in 1982, our focus remains on leasing technology and equipment from all manufacturers, vendors and value-added resellers to businesses across a broad range of industries. We pride ourselves on the maintaining the highest level of integrity and client service.

Winthrop Resources is owned by TCF Bank, which allows us to offer unique structures and diverse portfolio solutions. We’re headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, but serve clients around the country.

winthrop history

1982 to 2000

  • Equipment finance begins to focus on technology assets.
  • Technology asset characteristics align to Winthrop's custom solutions approach. Winthrop's willingness to fund technology assets creates a horizontal focus.

history about winthrop

2004 to 2015

  • Technology leasing competition increases.
  • Winthrop develops a vertical focus.
  • Executed with A.C.E.
    • Alliance
    • Community
    • Expertise
  • A.C.E. becomes Winthrop’s competitive advantage.
  • Healthcare focus enables origination growth.

winthrop resources history

2015 to present

  • Market forces of change (FASB and cloud) require an update to GTM.
  • Winthrop differentiates with consumption utility financing, a way to pay for on premise equipment in the same manner as you pay for cloud-based offerings.
  • Facilitates new customer and alliance engagement.
  • Winthrop solution portfolio is developed to better align Winthrop's solutions with the current trends/demands in the marketplace.

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